Dear Aara Users, we hope you have subscribed to our platform and are enjoying our services. While we
work towards building our Aara user and provider community, we must make clear some terms of service
you agree to when using Aara.

1. Aara Health is in its first phase product development and cannot provide medical diagnoses or
prescribe medications at this stage. 

2. Aara Health does not and will not serve as a replacement for licensed medical advice related to user-
specific concerns and conditions. Our research is peer reviewed and corroborated by our network of
healthcare professionals. However, the information is general and should not be used for any specific
conditions you may be facing. 

3. Aara Health will not disclose any email or phone correspondences with our users or providers without
their knowledge or consent.
Individuals under the age of 18, or the applicable Minor age may utilize Aara Health’s services only with the
consent and support of a parent, legal guardian, or otherwise qualified adults. If you are a parent or a
guardian and you allow your Minor to use Aara Health’s service, you agree to be bound by the Minor’s use
of the services and by these terms. 

4. Aara Health is in its first phase of product development and has, therefore, not developed a
comprehensive privacy policy. At this stage, our users will only be able to view blogs and participate in our
online events. 

5. Aara Health is still growing its provider network and therefore, cannot address all feminine care and
health related concerns. 

6. By agreeing / consenting / accepting in our terms of this disclaimer and participating on our platform,
you are acknowledging that our platform’s information is not extensive or personalized to specific user

7. In case of any dispute whatsoever, you agree that the dispute will be settled through arbitration by a
sole arbitrator. That the arbitrator will be selected by Aara Health and the seat of arbitration will be
Mumbai and subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. You further
agree that all the cost of arbitration will be borne by you. It is made clear that this cost will include the fees
of the arbitrator, as well as the cost of the arbitration premises, and any other ancillary cost. The arbitration
will take place at a venue selected by Aara Health at the seat of arbitration which is Mumbai. 

8. Aara Health may from time to time, at our sole discretion, develop and provide updates to the service,
change the services, restrict access to the services (including to registered users) or withdraw or
terminate the services entirely, and we reserve the right to do so in our sole discretion and without any

9. Any and all changes or updates on Aara Health’s platform will be deemed as part of the services and
subject to all terms and conditions in this disclaimer. 

10. Aara Health’s public forum includes its website, blog, Instagram, direct messages, emails, and virtual
sessions. Engagement on any of these platforms shall be the sole responsibility of the user. Information,
views, and opinions expressed in public forums are the views of the person positing the message and may
not be endorsed, supported, encouraged, or reflected by Aara Health. This is applicable, but not limited to,
our users, experts, moderators, blog-editors, or any other individuals serving in functions of similar

11. Aara Health reserves the right to remove or edit any content on our public forum that we believe may
be offensive to our audience and/or which violates our family-oriented standards.