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Aara Health is a women-centric health tech company founded by four Indian women, focused on creating and providing scientifically backed healthcare products for women in India.

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Specially curated and medically verified content to create awareness about unaddressed women healthcare needs.


Safe and confidential community for open conversations, experiences, and learnings amongst women.


Access to high quality and trustworthy health & wellness supplements and products.


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Aara Health is building a platform for women’s wellness and health needs, services, & products. We are launching products that are centered around preventative and proactive healthcare. Our supplements are designed for the needs of an Indian body. Join our waitlist to get the latest updates on our product launch!


Meet the team!

Pragya Saboo​


Product Manager at Oscar Health. Industrial and Systems Engineer from Georgia Tech. Founder at PROJECT XXI. TEDx Speaker. Product Management Visiting Faculty. Dance Fitness Instructor​

Navya Nanda​


Digital Technology Graduate from Fordham University. Experience in Product Marketing & Strategic Growth at Facebook and XRC Labs. Certificate in UX & Design Thinking from Stanford Business School

Ahilya Mehta


Associate Product Manager at StyleCracker. Wellesley College graduate. Former IT Consultant at Bristlecone. Former fellow at Horizons School of Technology and Violet Society. ​

Mallika Sahney​


Head of Strategy and I.T. at NRB Industrial Bearings. Bachelors of Science Babson College and Masters in Entrepreneurship and Leadership at Babson Olin Business School.​

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Amanda Lee

Web Designer

Lara Croft

Dummy Doctor

Adam Cheise

UI / UX Designer

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